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A Catholic Citizen in AmericaA Catholic Citizen in America
Following Catholic beliefs and practices in America: One man's experience

Through One Dad's EyeThrough One Dad's Eye
Raising a family, blogging, and building websites in small town America

My World

Another War-on-Terror BlogAnother War-on-Terror Blog
A view of the war on terrorism, by a former historian and English teacher living in outstate Minnesota

Apathetic Lemming of the NorthApathetic Lemming of the North
Micro-reviews, plus the occasional rant, daily: Technical difficulties, the nature of the universe, and whim permitting

Easy Griller
Grilling year-round with simple equipment and almost no skill

Sauk Centre Journal BlogSauk Centre Journal Blog
Small town life, the way it is in this central Minnesota town

Small Town America: MinnesotaSmall Town America: Minnesota
A Webcam's blog
From the heart of darkest Minnesota: my view of small town America



Drifting at the Edge of Time and SpaceDrifting at the Edge of Time and Space
Notes and ruminations of a writer, recapturing traces of a decades-old dream

Loonfoot Falls Chronicle-GazetteLoonfoot Falls Chronicle-Gazette
Small town life, the way it never was

A blog entirely devoted to the Narcissus-X blog and Narcissis-X, the blogger who blogs on Narcissus-X, about Narcissus-X


Starting a Small Business Without Losing My MindStarting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind
The continuing adventure of publishing online....
Or, getting laid off for fun and profit



Minnesota for Web-Wise Travelers

Destinations and Diversions in Minnesota

Loonfoot Falls

Small towns were never quite like this
Still in development


Brendan's Island

Small town America through one dad's eyes

Easy Griller

I'm not lazy: I'm efficient!
Updated version in the works

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