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Whether you follow my keep-it-simple philosophy of grilling, wear a bandoleer of spice shakers while working at a multi-rack motorized grill with Internet connections and satellite dish, or belong somewhere in the middle, I hope you have fun.

I like to grill because I enjoy the taste of the food afterward, because it is a good excuse to get outside several times a week, and because at least one of my kids usually keeps me company while I grill.

Once, while one of my daughters was with me at the grill, a tune from an old movie was running through my head. We had been talking about how much I like to grill, year-round, and I made up the first four lines of the bit of verse that comes next.

- Brian Gill

Let Us Sing of Grilling

This may be either spoken, or sung to the tune Let it Snow.

It is my intention in this poem to express the dedication, the resolve, and the lack of sensitivity to cold, or maybe just sense, which so often has led me to the grill, amid knee-deep snowdrifts.


Oh, the weather outside is chilling,
But I gotta keep on grilling.
And though it sounds strange, I still
Love to grill, love to grill, love to grill.
When they're skiing on down the hill,
And the lawn disappears under snow,
I'll be out there beside my grill,
Though winds of a blizzard may blow!
Whether summer brings sun or showers,
You could bet your bottom dollars:
When the temperatures rise, I still
Love to grill, love to grill, love to grill!

Copyright 2005 Brian H. Gill